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The Frustration in Debating

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I truly enjoy reading the opinions of others on issues that are significant and even the ones that are not. I enjoy sharing my opinions and more importantly, learning from others. I try to keep an open mind, research what is offered to me and growing in knowledge of both sides.

What frustrates me, though, are the people who are immediately defensive and almost verbally violent when someone does not share the same opinions. It takes away from the seriousness of the legitimate debaters on the site. There is no reason that we, as adults, cannot have civil and respectful disagreements. I like to think that the general public behaves better than our current government leadership. That includes everyone on all sides as one behaves no better than the other.

Everyone has a right to their own opinions, even if they are hateful. I actually appreciate all of the freedoms we are afforded and you will never read any complaints from me about censoring anyone. That would go against everything that we stand for in this country. However, in looking at it from a debate sense where we can actually learn from one another, is hate speech really necessary? Does it make someone want to take a side or a person seriously? Not me.

Some people on here are very professional while being very passionate and knowledgeable. I learn from those people. I wish our government leaders could learn from those people as well because it would make this country a much stronger one. And if we all learn from them on this site, it would make this debate site a stronger one.
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  1. durtbag's Avatar
    I myself almost got caught up in this negativity that you mention, but I looked out the window and off I went to bigger and better things. weather is decent now and pecking away my days on this keyboard has been and will be fewer as the days get longer. some things that I have read on this site makes me realize why politics is a topic that I ignored. I enjoyed your blog and will look for more as time will allow. thanks for reminding me that other people think with the "mind", and not their fingers!
  2. swing_voter's Avatar
    You can stay calm and remind the poster to attack your ideas and not attack you.
  3. Captain Adverse's Avatar
    The best thing to do is remain balanced and remember that you don't know them and they don't know you. They are just reflections of the words they use to express themselves in the Forum.

    Words can only have the effect on you that YOU give them.

    I wrote a blog myself on the subject, putting the Forum on notice that I will be using my right to free expression to put anyone who consistently attacks me personally rather than addressing my arguments on ignore.

    I joined in June 2013, and only started doing this in late 2018. Prior to that I had ZERO (0) members on ignore. Sadly, as of today I have over 50 members on ignore. It seems a lot, but in reality it consists of the "usual suspects" who have no respect for anyone who disagrees with their point of view. Thus it is small loss, because they are not "debating" anything anyway. It is a sad sign of the times, but it is what it is.

    Now I am not suggesting you need to do this. Just that it is one option to reduce the "noise" and allow you to focus on members who actually have an open mind. Those who will argue without rancor...agreeing to disagree and then move on to debate rationally on another topic.
    Updated 02-15-20 at 06:39 PM by Captain Adverse
  4. Renae's Avatar
    This is t a site for debate, if you haven't figured that out yet
  5. Hawkeye10's Avatar
    People suck now, compared to our ancestors the Modern Morons are thin gruel.....But I want to tell you two things:

    1) There are a few highly educated Truth Tellers such as myself circulating, and you are free to make use of us.

    2) Dont give up, just as a dedicated student can learn and get into university from the worst of the big city Lefty Run schools you can get better here or anywhere are not defined by the low quality of the people who surround do have free can do what ever you want even when the the quality of the herd it does now.
  6. Luther's Avatar
    There's an old saying that I think fits well here

    'If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen'?


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