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Why was it OK to let Merrick Garland's judicial consideration expire but push Kavanaugh through?

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Mitch McConnell is asking Democratic members of Congress to treat Brett Kavanaugh "FAIRLY." OK, so you are saying it is alright to PURPOSELY let a nomination expire without ANY consideration for Judge Merrick Garland, but they are supposed to treat Kavanaugh fairly... Please, let the hypocrisy run its course. It is truly sad that we cannot have another Justice Kennedy in the mix. He interpreted the law putting his personal opinions aside for the good of the American people. Unfortunately, I do not see that happening with his likely replacement. But I am not saying this man is not a respectable person. He has done a great deal of service in our judiciary and has a stellar resume, I just do not see him as a uniting figure our country desperately needs at this time. Just more of the same old same old political games.

And THANK YOU to the Associated Press for these fact checkers...

Brett Kavanaugh On...

Guantanamo Detainees: International Law Doesn’t Matter
Investigating the President: Shouldn't happen (not be subject to investigation or prosecution), but helped impeach Pres. Clinton
He has written countless decisions applauded by conservatives on topics including the Second Amendment, religious freedom, the environment and campaign finance. This could mean trouble for the already embattled Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Conservatives are worried that his view on abortion access and rights is somewhat muddled. He has not voiced too much public opinion regarding it, but the one case on record we do know is that he rejected appeal to a case for an illegal immigrant to get an abortion.

He is a bright man who has a stellar resume. He worked with Justice Kennedy and actually was assisted into his position as a law professor by now Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. He is a devout Roman Catholic and has been locally involved in his church.

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