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The man said,”: but see me once and see the way I feel.”

Online here or was it another place.
Same ID? Pm’s? Contacts list?
These places at times have
the same traces. And put me
in a gloom to search my mood
to move and feel for the new.
Maybe back to the old ,
or is it a fresher bold?

Dancers here step to quick?
Nah to slow? My partners
getting old. I need relief I’ve
lost my belief. Should I bolt
like a thief? Oh hell just leave!

Hustlers and shills, whiners
and -players for real. Takes
a bunch to make a place, even
in moderation. Ah-that may
be an over generalization.
Then again what’s the alteration an
altercation? Management knows.

When the floor is new or clear and the
moods right- then god!
The dancing’s so nice. Threads
flow like wine and drinking
It’s so fine. Besting ourselves.
Watching and waiting -finding
needing, breeding our thoughts.
And posting in jubilation.

Together or never again.
The lonely only need apply.
Why? Everybody knows the
dancing can be so fine.
Two as one- that sort a thing.
Get all dressed up with your
special bling- an dinga linga
ring, make your image sing.
Learn the forums decorum.
Get a clue and state your passions.
Defend your position with
logic and thought backed by ration.
And less with exaggeration or
insensitive gyration.

Weathered and seasoned tempered
with reason. See who reacts.
Defend the attacks!
Keep track to warrant the payback.
Foster your patience and ignore
your excitations and build your
relations. And grow your reputation.

Updated 12-27-10 at 09:40 PM by b.larset

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  1. b.larset's Avatar
    I listened to this:
  2. TheGirlNextDoor's Avatar
    This is very good... I really like it.
  3. b.larset's Avatar
    Thank you. I started out to Pm you lol.
  4. b.larset's Avatar
    It's your system, all I am doing is manipulating it for my benefit.
    Updated 12-28-10 at 05:30 AM by b.larset
  5. b.larset's Avatar
    Just waiting now angel.
  6. Gwendoline's Avatar
    Well written, interesting piece of writing, b.larset. regards xx