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  1. Assange fears us

    Assange fears he will be beat-to-death in an American prison. Nobody said the man was stupid. He most definitely will be. Lotta patriots in prison with nothing to do and a lot to prove.

    But that's not the point of this post. My curiosity is about the root of his fears. Does he fear this particular fate because he listened to our American liberals, who are nasty, repulsive, filthy and DISGUSTING?

    Or is it that he knows he did wrong. You know ... like a guilty dog pees ...
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  2. Reparations -- Ridiculous

    Politicians want to talk about reparations? I even heard one joker on CNN actually say there was no mistreatment of people here until blacks arrived. They are the only ones, and some jews, who were, and still are mistreated.

    I beg to differ.

    You want reparations? Get in line. Indigenous people were here before any of you. Pursue this and you'll lose your national parks, and YOU will be the ones living in the "****holes" my people were forced to live on. ...
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