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Assange fears us

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Assange fears he will be beat-to-death in an American prison. Nobody said the man was stupid. He most definitely will be. Lotta patriots in prison with nothing to do and a lot to prove.

But that's not the point of this post. My curiosity is about the root of his fears. Does he fear this particular fate because he listened to our American liberals, who are nasty, repulsive, filthy and DISGUSTING?

Or is it that he knows he did wrong. You know ... like a guilty dog pees the floor when the owner comes home?

He's peeing all over himself. His lawyers say he'll never be extradited. I say he will. Trump says he will. Trump has been right a LOT lately.

Speaking of Trump's predictions, he says the Repubs will take the House back in 2020. I agree. Y'all are nasty, filthy and DISGUSTING excuses for human beings. And what's meant to be will be and you don't deserve power again until MY PRESIDENT straightens the Obama mess out.

I FULLY expect this post to be censored because this place is a liberal roach motel.

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  1. TheParser's Avatar
    As a computer illiterate, I do not knw the difference between a blog and a regular forum thread. So I will reply just as I would if your comment appeared in, say, "Breaking News."

    Yea, Mr. Assange is right to fear for his security.

    It is no secret that prisoners are routinely beaten up and raped in American prisons.

    And sometimes they are even murdered (as happened to that Boston gangster).

    Hopefully, some kind-hearted Americans with influence will help him avoid prison or at least ensure that he gets adequate protection.

    Right now, they are all piling on: Sweden wants him on rape charges.

    I join other members and guests in wishing him the best of luck.


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