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  1. The Speed of Light


    HUMANITY’S earliest examples of technology, some of our greatest leaps forward in evolution, were based upon the tiniest of objects, at the smallest of scales. Sunlight heralded the discovery of firelight, firelight into electricity, and electicity into power centers. Photochemistry. High-resolution microscopy. And measurements of molecular distances. Doctors Alvin Schwartz, Ana Ortega, and Smith ...
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  2. 'The Speed of Light: A Total Assault' excerpt (pp. 83-86)

    “This is getting out of control,” declared Ortega, watching the collider reaching levels of power never before seen.
    “That can’t be good,” said Abrams, sweat beading around his lips and nose, his hair damp.
    To be fair, he was perhaps the most collected of the four scientists, Ana visibly shaking and Maynard still sick from his transgression of being the first to question Schwartz.
    The latter was the most visibly collected, leaning against the back wall, his face blank. But everyone ...
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  3. Geopolitics

    Only after one understands how freedom and rights are being suppressed by the managers of imperial states — even as they preach peace, freedom, justice, rights, and majority rule to their citizens to maintain their beliefs in the morality of their society, and thus assure the continued support of the masses for inflicting such violence upon the world — can one write honest history. If one does not understand that process, one is almost certain to write a history in which, unbeknownst to the author,
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  4. The 10 Commandments of Logic

    DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT MY OWN WORK, I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY...but it is awesome you will love it.


    01. Thou shalt not attack the person's character, but the argument
    [ -Ad Hominem- ]

    02. Thou shalt not misrepresent or exaggerate a person's argument in order to make it easier to attack.
    [ -Straw Man Fallacy- ]

    03. Thou shalt not use small numbers to represent the all.
    [ -Hasty Generalization- ...

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