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  1. Angel's Avatar
    Bravo, gramps!
  2. WillyPete's Avatar
    You were going really well, raised some interesting topics, right up until you went full Skynet on us there at the end.

    Computer security is far simpler than people realize, and way more boring than TV would have us believe. The critical military and utility systems are "air-gapped" so that they aren't on the Internet, being physically isolated from it. Doing anything crucial requires layers of approval via other means. Done.

    Unless they are criminally mismanaged there is simply no way some hacker is going to remote control those systems. Utility systems are diverse and commercial, and so generally expected to be less secure. MAYBE that leaves some openings, but the diversity also means they would be limited in impact.

    Your commercial products are sometimes a free-for-all because that's just your personal security, and no one cares much about that except yourself.