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Thread: Tulsi Gabbard exposes/embarrases the globalist, pro-war neo-liberals and neo-con on The View!

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    Re: Tulsi Gabbard exposes/embarrases the globalist, pro-war neo-liberals and neo-con on The View!

    Part III of III

    Were it just that, a devolution to basal Desire-Based Theory, ameliorating neoliberalism's breached troth'd need nothing more than topically modern"quit smoking" campaigns of social change, but our wishes wrought none of neoliberalism's failings. No, etiologically, the fundamental failure flows from incoherent applications of neoliberal theory. Neoliberalism requires instrumental rationality, and we've allowed ourselves to become everything but rational.

    Think of the Carrollian Paradox, modus ponens.

    Lewis Carroll (1895) introduced a famous paradox concerning modus ponens. Some philosophers have argued that an instrumental analogue of this paradox shows there to be something special about instrumental rationality, and perhaps even provides support for some version of the thesis that instrumental rationality is the only kind of practical rationality.

    Carroll imagined a conversation between Achilles and a Tortoise regarding the following valid argument:

    (A) Things that are equal to the same are equal to each other.
    (B) The two sides of the Triangle are equal to the same.


    (Z) The two sides are equal to each other.

    The Tortoise adopts a skeptical position, asking how he can be logically forced into accepting (Z) when he accepts (A) and (B). Achilles attempts to supply him with the missing premise:

    (C) If (A) & (B) are true, (Z) must be true.

    But the Tortoise grants (C), and resumes his skepticism, asking how he can be logically forced to accept (Z) when he accepts (A), (B), and (C). It soon dawns on Achilles that the mere addition of further premises (like “If (A), (B), and (C) are true, (Z) must be true”, and so on) won’t help resolve the Tortoise’s skepticism. One could keep on adding such premises ad infinitum and yet not get the Tortoise to accept (Z).

    We have become a nation of and led by "Tortoises" who attempted procrustean implementations of neoliberal theory. Of course, it doesn't "work as advertised." Neoliberalism is "in for a penny, in for a pound." It depends for its success on dispassionate application of its principles. It's "go big, or go home." And it was, bizarrely, conservatives to ascribed to it.

    The real failure was conservatives' attempting to implement neoliberal economic policy while concurrently destroying the institutions and programs that make neoliberalist applications accessible to the masses. It just doesn't work that way. It works by applying neoliberal policy while leaving in place the institutions until the policy as risen the "tide" of the masses, or at least 2/3rds to 3/4ths of them, and then cutting back on the services that rose the tide. The conservative approach was, in essence, to give a sharp knife to a child and pray he didn't cut himself. Is it any wonder the child is bleeding?

    End of post series
    Those who jettison the epistemological standards of science are no longer in a position to use their intellectual product to make any claims about what is true of the world or to dispute the others’ claims about what is true. - Tooby & Cosmides
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    Re: Tulsi Gabbard exposes/embarrases the globalist, pro-war neo-liberals and neo-con on The View!

    Quote Originally Posted by Geoist View Post
    It seems the corporate media is not a big fan of hers, which is a good sign. While Gabbard has made some missteps in her campaign early on, I really like a lot of what she has said (and to automatically disqualify her for misguided views on homosexuality decades ago is ridiculous.)

    You Libbies roast people constantly for things they did or said long in the past.
    Remember Kavanaugh? Ya...this is just hypocritical Libbie kaka. Sound bites for mush-minds.
    It's so lonely in m'saddle...since m'horse died...

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