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Wow. you are really avoiding my question with that word salad huh? Did Hannity retweet videos in support of his followers yes or no? One could also argue that Keurig twitter account was a bad guy because they aired their dirty laundry/ad negotiating tactics in public when it should have been handled in private. Of course Hannity and idiot hannity fans did not act like adults and made things worse.

What about the other advertisers? Were they "tricked" by media matters too? I don't know how the vast left wing conspiracy can be so stupid.
Sure tweeted that out, and than I destroyed your assertion that that was why Keurig left him.

The good news: since this discussion Hannity has come out the winner and Mediamatters the loser.

Mediamatters not only lost, they are once again exposed as the vile semi criminal organization they are.