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I have decided tha the trade-off is worth it at this stage. I started in the big city and cannot imagine going back. Everybody has their jets!

Context to the last line: a buddy used to live in the approach to a major airport. When talking on the phone, land-line, there were lapse in the conversation due to the low-flying aircraft.

When questioned as to why he lived there, he responded with the last line.......
Haha! Yep, to each their own & surely not mine to judge! But no flight paths for me!

However there can be a good quality of life in the suburbs outside the city, where you have city rail access and a fair amount of local suburban convenience and cultural stuff immediately nearby, all the while getting a little more space and privacy than the city. But you'll pay dearly for land. In the desirable close-in suburbs, it's the land - not the structure - that costs. We're looking anywhere from $500K to into seven figures for an acre, in the areas around me. Yet if I go 30 or 40 miles out, we're talking only $7-10K an acre. And if I cross the state line, I can find land for 2-3K an acre.