Today countries around the world are on the hacker attacks. In recent years the number of breaches of information systems has increased. So, last year, the United States, despite the rising costs of information security, has suffered from a record-high number of cyber-attacks. The cyber-attacks on the Russian Federation became more frequent. It runs the danger of hackerís activity, and unauthorized collection of personal data.
However, the US accuses Russia of computer attacks. Washington has repeatedly accused Moscow of hacker attacks on computers and involvement in the information leak. Especially such statements became more frequent during the presidential campaign in the United States. It was argued that "only the top leadership of Russia could sanction such activities".
It should be noted that Russia daily repulses the huge number of cyber-attacks. Every day the website of the Russian President Vladimir Putin is attacked by hackers from different countries, sometimes thousands of times a day. Some of these hackers attack the web site from territories of the United States, Germany, Britain and other countries. However, despite hundreds of cyber-attacks the Russian side does not accuse the country's leadership of organization hacker activity.
Meanwhile, there is no evidence of the impact of Russian hackers on U.S. elections. US intelligence agencies have not provided convincing information on the Russian involvement in hacking attacks on US entities. The White house explained that US intelligence agencies will not publish the evidence because of secrecy. However, the Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that these accusations are "completely unfounded". The allegations of Russian involvement contained in the report of US intelligence, in fact, reduced to guesswork and assumptions. The report concludes that U.S. intelligence agencies draw conclusions about the "secret operations of Russia's influence on elections" by such sources as the reports on Russian television and writing in social networks. Almost half the report was devoted to RT and the Agency "Sputnik", and data RT were mostly five years ago.
Published data does not indicate that Russian Federation is related to hacking. The report also shows the rules that identify the actions of the "Russian cyber-reconnaissance party". With this purpose the document describes the malware created in Ukraine. However, the US government said that this program of Russian hackers. Any blackhat can issue your actions for the operation of the Russian intelligence. Thus, the report, laying "the blame for hacking attacks based on all available programs and IP addresses," creates "unlimited possibilities for operations under false flag", which the US government attributes to Russia".