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I don’t watch a lot of anime, but I came upon this show (now in 3rd or 4th season) and was quite impressed at the story quality. Without spoiling anything, it’s about human civilization having been hunted to near-extinction by giant humans (‘Titans’), forcing them to live behind large walls. In order to combat them, the fighting force of humans use a system of gas-powered pulleys to propel them in 3D space (kinda like Batman).

Some of the more interesting moments are when these trained fighters see the titans ripping their friends apart and then opt for suicide rather than fight them. It makes the show more ‘real’ and relatable than your standard ‘heroes power up and save the day’ kind of anime.

In many ways its a standard anime, with the ambitious underdog hero, but in other ways its like the Walking Dead (in its prime). The giants often have a creepy smile on their face, and do not eat for sustenance, but rather to kill. An average encounter kill with titans kills hundreds of humans.

Still on the first season.

I believe the ‘It’ director is planning on turning this into a movie franchise.
get ready for some plot twists