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Thread: NO spoilers - look at final GAME OF THRONES season

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    Re: NO spoilers - look at final GAME OF THRONES season

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Person View Post
    The later seasons got a bit silly, with characters doing stupid things to move the story.

    We're still watching it, but to me it's always felt rather contrived and surface-deep. And of course there's the unpleasant habit of entire people or armies I didn't hear anything about appearing out of nowhere to make a plot point (or, perhaps, were mentioned one time mid-conversation seasons ago). It's entertaining, but to me it just doesn't feel genuine and internally consistent - a believable alternate reality - in the way that Tolkien does.

    Then again....this is a TV adaptation.
    And at least we had all of Mr Tolkien's books completed before he stopped writing and started licensing his unfinished product.

    We haven't had a new GoT book since the first season was aired, and it was~7 years waiting for that one. The show is well ahead of the books now, and who knows how that will feed back into the books, if they ever are written.

    I truly hope other authors don't look upon this as something to emulate, but clearly it pays if you can get enough hype.

    I first read Game of Thrones in 1998. GRRM, who we call Dirty Santa Claus in our home, has not treated his oldest fans well.
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    Re: NO spoilers - look at final GAME OF THRONES season

    Quote Originally Posted by maxparrish View Post
    I didn't like that last season and this season they crammed events into six episodes each. And while E1 was fine, I am not going to enjoy the final season as long as the duck lipped arrogant Daenery's has a prospect to win the crown.
    Duck lipped?

    I don't know if the author's intentions were to make her likable, but if there is anyone due some justice it is that twit. While every major character has suffered this "good queen" has had nothing but self-righteous murdering authoritarian for "regime change" for her since her brother's early demise.
    Yeah, she's far from perfect, but in the GOT neighborhood, she's not so bad. Her brother was a psychotic twit.

    Oddly, after Cerci's experience with the High Sparrow I've actually grown to like her. At least she has suffered: three dead children, a dead father, and two brothers that (in her view) have been the cause of her families destruction.
    C'mon, man. Cersei is responsible for her bad times with the High Sparrow. She enabled the guy when she thought it was to her advantage. Yeah, Cersei has suffered. Blowback is the word. Speaking of blowback....Arya kills Cersei in the end....I hope.

    There are several endings that might please me, assuming the army of dead don't win:

    Jon Snow survives and the Iron Throne is abolished. Daenery and her dragons are all dead.

    Sansa Stark takes the Iron Throne. Jon Snow survives or at worst dies with the Dragon queen.

    Bran, should he survive, gets a real job.

    Samwell Tarley sits on the Iron Throne, banishing you know who back to where she came from.
    Who knows? I think Las Vegas oddsmakers have now made Snow the favorite after Bran led the race for the throne for several weeks. Samwell would be a good king....he reads, he thinks, probably not a forceful enough personality.

    Most likely end? The dragon queen on the throne, Jon Snow, Cerci, dead. The imp plotting with Sansa to get rid of their new queen, and Brazo's foreclosing on a bankrupt throne.
    I think Tyrion would be a decent king. He's seen these events from a lot of different perspectives and he's pretty smart.
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    Re: NO spoilers - look at final GAME OF THRONES season

    Quote Originally Posted by radioman View Post
    Duck lipped?
    Yeah, she's far from perfect, but in the GOT neighborhood, she's not so bad. Her brother was a psychotic twit. lipped. Although it isn't quite as pronounced as it was in earlier seasons, her upper lip protruded too much, suggesting a lip job. They didn't look natural . In addition I really dislike her blond hair/long black eyebrow combo, spherical moon face, and short-almost pudgy soft figure. I find her looks repelling.

    Moreover, most of her character presence has been either emotionally deadpan, administratively unintelligent or out of her depth, and needlessly brutal. Absent her dragoons she is a cardboard simpleton with one singular ambition fused with self-righteous suffocation.

    Cerise, on the other hand, is not only attractive she has fought for everything she has through pure intelligence and real grit. The elimination of her competition as well as her oppressor the high sparrow was a masterstroke - at least she earned her place on the Iron throne.

    Frankly, if the Dragon lady dies I'll be popping a cork on behalf of her victims and her brutal and often needless destruction of other cultures and people's who doesn't meet her "high" standards.

    I don't mind if Ayra kills Cersei, but I'm not thrilled either. Cersei is the underdog here, and killing someone when they're down isn't exactly sporting. As I said, the only two people worthy and qualified to sit on the throne is Jon or Sansa. But I'd be equally happy for the Tyrion, Sam, or any of the "good guys" to come out on top (although the imp would be most befitting given the **** he has been through).

    C'mon, man. Cersei is responsible for her bad times with the High Sparrow.
    Only because she saw herself being sent off to a life of solitude and irrelevancy because of the maneuverings of the new queen. SHE doesn't have the latitude of having three dragons to impose her will.

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