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Thread: What are you listening to? ver. 15.0

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    Re: What are you listening to? ver. 15.0

    Nothing has changed

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    Re: What are you listening to? ver. 15.0

    After seeing the stage production of Hair, members of the 5th Dimension called their producer - Bones Howe - and told him they just had to record a song from the stage production called Aquarius. After hearing a recording of the songs from the production, Howe agreed and also decided to smash Aquarius together with the stage production's finalé song called "Let The Sunshine In/The Flesh Failures". Music was set to the songs by composer/arranger Bill Holman. Holman selected members of the famed Wecking Crew as his studio musicians. The music was recorded in Los Angeles and then flown to Las Vegas where the 5th Dimension was doing casino shows. The 5th Dimension recorded the vocal track with only two microphones available for the group of five singers.

    Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In · featuring Hal Blaine/drums, Joe Osborn/bass, Larry Knechtel/keyboards,
    Tommy Tedesco and Dennis Budimir/guitars, Bill Holman/woodwinds and horns

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