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Thread: Rule Changes - 5/21/2008

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    Rule Changes - 5/21/2008

    Due to user feedback from the suggestions forum as well as civil PM’s to the team, the moderators have spent some time examining the rules we currently have in place here at Debate Politics. After performing this review we have decided to amend three of the current rules in regards to the forum in hopes of furthering the ideal of civil debate in a mature community.

    Understanding that at times members may need to vent, a new area in The Basement will be created that is exempt from 6a and made specifically for members wishing to rant about moderator action.

    This forum however will be only for venting. No moderator action will be overturned based on a post in this area. Mod participation in this forum is not required, nor should it be expected.

    The procedure to possibly overturn an infraction remains the same. Civilly PM a moderator explaining why you should have it overturned. The moderator team will discuss it and let you know if the infraction will or will not be overturned.

    Vegas Rule
    The Vegas Rule for The Basement is simple…what is said in The Basement stays in The Basement. That portion of the forum plays by a different set of rules and a completely different feel as the rest of the forum. In respect of those who chose not to participate in The Basement, as well as maintaining the integrity and purpose of the main forums and The Basement - anyone who either brings matters upstairs or cites links to Basement material - will be dealt with through mod action up to and including a perma-ban.

    This is especially true for anything that is brought upstairs from the newly created basement section.

    Word Censor
    The amount of censored words will be scaled back and made more consistent. The “F word”, the “S word”, and the "C word" will be censored in all their varied forms.

    Bypassing the censor will result in either a Warning or a 3 point Infraction. Racial slurs, when used in a derogatory way, will be dealt with in a similar fashion.

    - The Moderator Team
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