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Over time, I have found that I like the banner advertising. I certainly like the banner advertising far more than the surveys. I use both and even have one website that has a solid paywall with no free views. Prodigy was the first internet usage to incorporate advertising. A company called HotWired invented the modern banner ads that use web browsing history and search history for ad fulfillment.

I actually just bought something through a banner ad click. It was similar to a product that I had been looking at, and was less expensive. I love Amazon. Banner advertising works well, even in conjunction with donations because it is traffic based. Truthfully, it can cause forum owners to look for ways to increase traffic.
I certainly can appreciate the marketing potential to go capitalistic and turn a forum into a more profitable endeavor...the internet has been quite useful to me having bought and sold on eBay for a number of years...I've made good use of Craigslist as well, quite useful after you get a perspective on how to deal with the scammers...I can certainly make a strong argument regarding the potential and current use of technology...my preference remains resistant to change...seems this place has been successful at what it does and I have enough trouble finding my way around...a top or bottom banner that is easy to scroll by wouldn't be too noticeable a side banner and a bunch of flashing crap...or as you mentioned...the pop-ups...I'd be likely to migrate...I hope that thought doesn't inspire them to screw it up for the rest of you...

I'm new, so I'm sure as time goes on my view might change but, it seems to me there's enough traffic to keep it fun.

Anyway...makes note to self...Southern Dad...a source of info on this stuff.

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As an afterthought...I've also seen where they introduce the pop-ups and banners and anything else they can come up with to clutter the site...and then offer blocking them when you contribute...