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Now, do I have a problem giving free college to those who are of low income? Not at all! So long as they have a GPA high enough to show they will actually finish what they started, and they get a degree that has an application in the general job market once they graduate. Something like Engineering, English (applications in a great many things other than teaching), or even computer sciences.

Not degrees in things like Gender Studies, Race Relations, Basket Weaving, and other such nonsense. Real hard STEM areas, or those that have a very broad range of applications. English can be used in things like journalism, publishing, corporate policies, and writing manuals. Math can extend to other things like accounting, doing statistics, and even computers.

And for most of this, we already have Community Colleges. Nothing says that we have to pay for a 4-year degree at UCLA or California State Berkley when Pierce College or College of the Canyons can do it also.
If you're going to get the public involved in funding college studies, there does not seem to be a way around the comment you made with regards to what is being studied. If you let people pick among all degrees, you require the general population to finance activities that are unlikely to benefit them and that will most certainly not help poor people pull themselves out of poverty. It is inconvenient to account for your point because it requires public officials to get in the business of judging what is a "justifiable" degree. On the other hand, as I stated above, you can't just dig into the pockets of other people without good reasons.

And, of course, there are cheaper options than attending a prestigious university for 4 years. Strategizing about how to study for a degree is probably not the first thing high school seniors hear about, on the other hand.