Hey everyone, figure I should be posting one of these too.

I'm in my mid-twenties, fresh out of college and now working in the wonderful thrilling beauracratic world of the government.

By the way I'm also rather sarcastic.

I'm a conservative by nature, though far from the "typical" one now a days. I was raised by a rather libertarian minded father who has jumped head-long into the War on Terror, and a VERY conservative mother. Humerously enough, I think my mother worries I'm a liberal in disguise as I argue with them often.

Which takes me to my next point, I have a bad habit of playing devil's advocate.

I'm much more in line with the fiscal and government mentalities of conservatism more so then the more recent uprising of the "moral" side. I actually AM against gay marriage on a federal level, am against abortion, dislike PC-bs, hate to see the flag burned, and think its idiotic people want to take "in god we trust" off money or refuse the boy scouts from being able to meet on school property. At the same time, I disagree with my conservative counter parts of the current day in the belief that somehow these things should be FORCED through the government. To me, that's the antithesis of conservatism. The government shouldn't be promoting things that are not traditional American values, but they shouldn't be actively restricting people from those things either.

I think a smaller government, wherever is possible, is generally always good. While actually working for one agency I was pushing and hoping for changes to it that would actually likely put me, or people working with me, out of a job. I work in the government because I wanted to be part of the governmental process and possibly use it to work my way up into a position in regards to national defense. However, I see a position with the government as a gift from the tax payers, who I'm working for, and not some kind of right to a job and a title.

I'm in favor of the War on Terror, but agaisnt its labeling as such and the way its being undertook. I do believe that extremist islam is an issue and a danger but don't believe they lurk behind every tree and random poster on an internet site. I think that low taxes are better than high taxes, but they MUST be with spending cuts and often times after those cuts. I don't believe that just "accepting how things are" is a good answer for our financial issues in this country. I believe that amnesty is not the answer, and that a wall and good border defense is key, however I also think our immigration policy is broken. I feel that we should welcome people in to become Americans...but that's the key, become Americans, not just a mexican or a canadian or an iraqi or an irishmen who happens to be living in America.

I love south park and will random interject quotes, pictures, or references throughout when its appropriate.