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    Psychoclown - Another Crazy Libertarian

    I guess I should do one of these since I'm now a mod and half of the people here seem to have no idea who I am, despite the fact that I've been a member for six years.

    I'm in early 30's, married, with no kids and one German Shepherd named Panzer who thinks he's a lap dog.

    I first got interested in politics as a high school sophmore when a teacher offered extra credit for anyone who would watch and write a report on 2 of the 3 Presidential debates in '92. I watched all three and liked Perot the best. After that, I began to follow politics. Soon I started to identify with the Republican Party and became a pretty fiercely partisan Republican. Then I started hanging out here and I got exposed to some other viewpoints and began to re-examine my own opinions and ideology. I began to move towards libertarianism for its consistency and core values of liberty, individualism, and personal responsibility.

    But I as I got exposed to more extreme and dogmatic side of libertarianism, it became clear that no ideology is perfect or has all the answers. So while I look things through the libertarian lense, I do make up my own mind on the issues and do occassionally buck "mainstream" libertarian thought. I consider myself a moderate small l libertarian who is pragmatic but still principled. And sometimes my positions can't easily be summed up in a few words.

    I pride myself on trying to be honest, fair, and open minded and value the same in my fellow posters. In my free time I like movies, sports, role playing games, chess, cooking, history, and Led Zeppelin.

    A few random fun facts about me ....

    Favorite Movie: The Godfather
    Favorite Superhero: Batman
    Favorite Sport: Baseball
    Favorite (and only) Way to Have a Steak: Rare
    Favorite Color: Red
    Favorite Drink: Pina Colada (yeah I drink like a girl, so what)
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