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Thread: Hypothetical question

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    Re: Hypothetical question

    Quote Originally Posted by Lursa View Post
    Where has anyone ever said that their right to a medical procedure demanded that someone perform it?

    My right to own a firearm doesnt mean someone must provide me with one.
    In other threads and other forums on the topic. It was an especially common argument back when ACA was being debated.
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    Re: Hypothetical question

    Quote Originally Posted by Atreus21 View Post
    You are the dictator. You have the power to make law and have it enforced on your say so.

    A woman is 8 months pregnant. Both she and the child are quite healthy. She is happily married to a loving and stable husband, has a supportive extended family, and is well-off financially. There is every reason to believe that both she and the child will prosper and flourish.

    The mother wants to abort the child.

    Would you, as dictator, allow her to abort?
    If I was dictator, I would abort you from all internet forums.

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