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Thread: Numbers don't lie ...Election was stolen[W: 91,168]

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    Re: Numbers don't lie ...Election was stolen

    Quote Originally Posted by notquiteright View Post
    Well back when Reagan was governor of California, urban black men exercising the right to open carry caused the majority, which was white back then, to back ending open carry, starting California down the path modern 'conservatives' lament these days as commie... so I guess black men exercising the same rights whites do does intimidate white folks...

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    Re: Numbers don't lie ...Election was stolen[W: 91,168]

    Quote Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
    I take it you didn't read the thread. His math was off.
    Sore loser isn't math.

    Or do these words sound familiar "he won get over it", of course the judge that told them to stop counting votes and said that Bush was the next president wound up in a congress seat during the Bush administration backed by Bush well coencedence?

    Just like the no bid contract to Haliburtian whose number 1 stock holder just happen to be Vice President Cheaney another coincedence???
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