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Thread: Do believe that Romney's Maryland health care plan is an example of federalism?

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    Re: Do believe that Romney's Maryland health care plan is an example of federalism?

    I voted no, because Romney was governor of Massachusetts. And because even though it was a state issue, not federal, it was still a bad plan. I agree with him that states should be the ones coming up with these plans, I just don't think it was a good plan.
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    Re: Do believe that Romney's Maryland health care plan is an example of federalism?

    Quote Originally Posted by samsmart View Post
    I don't know. I think it shows he's a moderate Republican.
    only 22% of the population is far-left enough to support an individual mandate for health insurance. Barack Obama the candidate himself opposed it as part of his "I'm a centrist" campaign. If you are a Republican candidate in 2012 who is to the left of Candidate Obama in 2008, you aren't a "moderate Republican", you are a Liberal Republican. He is way to the left of the party on this issue - aside from just plain disagreeing with it, 78% of Republicans think the Mandate is downright illegal.

    And because he's a moderate Republican he's the one most that moderate Democrats and independents will favor when going up against President Obama.
    strongly disagree - most independents are pretty solid against him on this. Democrats are for him? fine, but between Romney and Obama, Democrats vote for Obama.

    But, of course, that doesn't mean he'll be able to get past the Republican primary.
    precisely, he is done and good riddance to this chameleon.
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