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Thread: How Much is Obama to Blame For Gas Prices?

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    Re: How Much is Obama to Blame For Gas Prices?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mayor Snorkum View Post
    "No matter how much", huh?

    What if we drilled enough?
    That's not possible. By the time new wells got going and the oil got to the world market...we couldn't possibly drill fast enough to change prices much in the short term. It ain't just digging a hole in the ground.

    Even if we could drill that fast, the current spike is due to the loss of Libyan oil. Do we have the reserves to put that much oil on the market on a daily basis? My guess is that we probably couldn't.

    If you want to show some numbers that back up your contention that we can drill our way to cheaper prices in the next month, I'll be more than happy to see them.

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    Re: How Much is Obama to Blame For Gas Prices?

    Obama is a socialist bent on destroying our country and oil executives realize this and use that to raise prices knowing he will only play lip service to he issue, never really doing anything about it. Oil will be king until it is gone, unless congress can somehow figure out how to bring the price back down and keep it there by legislation.

    Will this happen? Probably not, which is why we are $rewed.

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