For anyone here that says "It's barbaric" or whatever reason that makes you feel even smugger in your mind get over yourself. I support Obama but he's full of **** when he says its to gross for Americans or it's going to piss off our enemies. Really? You know what I can't ****ing take? I can't ****ing take the fact that this guy was living in a town surrounded by our supposed allies watching out for him while we give that country billions a year.

You know what we as Americans are completely desensitized to? Blood, gore, and death. I think a movie with fake gore such as "Machete" would be far gorier than seeing this asshole with some holes in his head. So that argument totally goes out the window.

Second argument is, it will incite our enemies. Ok? You know what incites them? Anything and everything. Is this seriously going to incite anymore violence?

I expect that Obama will give into pressure and show this picture here in another week or so. I don't want to fall into this "deather" category but I think a lot of people including other countries especially in the middle east would like to know the man is dead.