View Poll Results: Is Busting the Amish For Milk Good Use of Our Tax Dollars?

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  • Yes - Those crazy Amish need to be taught a lesson.

    2 18.18%
  • Should go further and execute that farmer

    1 9.09%
  • Maybe - But only if he didn't grow medicinal marijuana

    0 0%
  • Possibly - I'd have to review how many hookers they used in the bust

    1 9.09%
  • No - We have worst things to spend our money on, like hammers & toilet seats

    7 63.64%
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Thread: Is This Good Use of Our Tax Dollars? Busting The Amish

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    Re: Is This Good Use of Our Tax Dollars? Busting The Amish

    Quote Originally Posted by Redress View Post
    Your poll answers are not surprisingly slanted. The correct answer to my mind is "upholding the laws of the US is a good use of our tax dollars".
    Your right, upholding the laws of the US is a good use of tax dollars. So, with that in mind:

    1. Why is the Administration not upholding the laws on price fixing when it comes to oil? 1 year ago Diesel was $1.00 more than Gasoline approximately. Today it is within $.10 of gasoline, in some places, it is less. Now if they come from the same oil & trucks have to use it to run, along with locomotives and so on, why is it suddenly basically the same price as gas. Gas has gone from $2.00 a gallon a little over a year ago to over $4.00 a gallon, that's almost a 100% climb in one year.

    When 9/11 happened and the market went nuts, the feds shut down the market to protect people, they threatened prosecution for anyone attempting price gouging at the pumps and so on. Why isn't that being done today? Oh yeah, Barry's buddies are makin' a killin' out of oil right now.

    In July 2008 when it went over $4.00 a gallon GW got it back down within a week. Will Barry?

    2. Illegal Immigration is a crime. What is Barry Hussein Osama doing about that?

    3. Pastuerized Milk is NOT a federal issue, it's a state issue. In 10 states it is legal to sell it unpastuerized.

    4. Cops turn their eye all the time to little stuff, are you going to tell me that this milk is a big issue? Come on. It's harmless, how in the world did the human race ever exist prior to pastuerization? We friggin' won WWI & II on unpastuerized milk.

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    Re: Is This Good Use of Our Tax Dollars? Busting The Amish

    Here's the thing. It's illegal to sell unpasteurized milk. The FDA is responsible for upholding that law. Yes, it's a stupid law, and yes, it should be changed, but until it is, it needs to be upheld. End of story.
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    Re: Is This Good Use of Our Tax Dollars? Busting The Amish

    Quote Originally Posted by celticwar17 View Post
    If it is illegal... i think that would be ridiculous, but yea you got to enforce the law.
    A few posters expressed this view. Haven't any of you ever seen those labels on pillows, mattresses, etc., that say, "Don't Remove Under Penalty of Law"? How about listening to a booktleg CD? Isn't that a felony? In my state, driving your car out of state on vacation without permission from whoever has title while you're making payments is a felony. Off to the big house. How about ordering stuff off the internet and not contacting the state, excuse me, The State to pay your sales tax? I remember fondling when I had a low spot in my yard that collected rain and bred mosquitoes. I brought in a truckload of dirt and filled it in. Now, that's a felony. It's wetland. Has to be preserved even if it's in my yard. I even, gasp, I know, forced a protected skunk to move from under my house.

    Get real. Laws have nothing to do with right and wrong. Enforcing all the laws vigorously is one of the most evil things the police can do and would bring the entire system to a standstill.

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