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Thread: Punishment or Rehabilitation?

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    Re: Punishment or Rehabilitation?

    Quote Originally Posted by sazerac View Post
    Hw long y'all been saying that? 126 years? Face it that the parents are not going to raise the kids and take on some responsibily for their outcome in life. Do your damn job and stop blaming it on the parents!
    My parents did. WTF are you on about?

    Is it the teacher's job to teach math, english, science, etc... Or is it the teacher's job to RAISE YOUR FREAKING CHILD?

    Why don't we just put the kids in communes? Then parents would not even need to feed them. That's better? Only a mind truly drowning in entitlement and victim mentality would blame their children's behavior on school teachers.

    @John WOlin
    Many things create a criminal. You can come from the best family in the world you can still be a bad man.
    As I wrote, it takes a village. But the parents let it happen, through neglect or even involvement.
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    Re: Punishment or Rehabilitation?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alfons View Post
    The small criminals should to pay more money as strafe, the severe ones to be incarcerated, but murders, child molesters, rappers etc. should face the death sentence.
    Do you mean rapists or do you want Weezy to die?
    "And in the end, we were all just humans, drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness."

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    Re: Punishment or Rehabilitation?

    Obviously, it isn't an either/or situation. Those who say rehabilitation or punishment either one is the only reason are fools. Many people who go to prison never repeat. Many do. Why would be expect a prison system to prepare criminals for a place in society when our schools do not prepare future criminals for a place in society--outside of a place called prison.

    Criminals? We have seen such an increase in laws that we are all criminals. Not just petty criminals either but felons.

    Whether criminals are Democrat or Republican probably depends on the nature of their crimes. I would suspect that Bernie Madoff and other fraud figures generally voted Republican but I would suspect pedophiles and rapists generally vote Democrat. I never met a burglar who voted while he was alive.

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