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Thread: Are Poll Questions Polish?

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    Are Poll Questions Polish?

    Are they? If so, are they racist? How do you know the ethnicity of a Poll when your taking it? How many Polls does it take to finally arrive at an answer? What Polls can you use to build a fence? Will Polls weather a **** storm? Do Polls ever go to Antartica or do they play on the beach in a bikini in Greenland?

    Do you have any questions about Polls?

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    Re: Are Poll Questions Polish?

    I could try putting them in Polish, I suppose, but I assume that we wouldn't get anywhere near the response that the English ones get.

    As a proud Pole, I take offense at anyone using the term "Polish" in a derogatory fashion. Pope John Paul II was Polish, and he was smarter than 90% of the idiots that post here.

    Go f**k yourself.

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