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Whether we get rid of it in some logical process that allows for a functional system to replace it or simply allow it to die on it's own and throw people out in the cold--that's the choice of liberals--Social Security is going to go. The question is will we be responsible and do it with a replacement system or not.

Where I worked we had a pension. Similar to the federal government, our pension plan was underfunded and criminally mismanaged. We killed the pension and shifted to a 401k. Workers had the option of sticking with the pension but with the benefits guaranteed by a purchased annuity or going with the 401k. Workers who switched to the 401k were given cash in their account equal to the presumed value of their pension which, of course, was based on salary and years of service.

Some opted for the annuity (pension), most took the 401k and most were happy.
having the federal government pick what type of 401k you are automatically opted into is corporatism.

Either keep it, replace the funds and never touch it (thus sustaining itself). Or get rid of it whole sale. Those are the only choices that don't profit anyone other than people who are putting money into it.