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Thread: Who won the budget deal?

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    Re: Who won the budget deal?

    59Republican defectors

    The House just passed the Boehner-White House spending deal, to fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year. Fifty-nine Republicans voted against the measure. On the Democratic side, 81 members supported the package. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the party leader, voted nay; Democratic whip Steny Hoyer voted in favor...

    (one Republican whomissed the vote said later he would have voted 'nay')

    Representative Allan West: boehner needs toCome To Jesus

    ...Rep. Allen West (R., Fla.) tells reporters that House GOP leaders bungled the deal. “My leadership needs to sit down and have a ‘come to Jesus’ with [each other],” he says. “Character and integrity are important things with me. I like people to be upfront with me. Surprises are for birthdays... West says the deal has led him to question the leadership’s early spin. “In the military they teach you that the first report is always kind of incorrect,” he says. “You have to go back and do your studying, you have to do your research and let the smoke dissipate.”

    West, of course, will be voting against the measure.

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    Re: Who won the budget deal?

    I hope that some of you will watch, on Sunday the new Republicans, with Frank Luntz - 100 Days of 112th Congress: Has Culture of Washington Changed? -

    These are the people that are fighting for giving all America the opportunity to live as Americans. I absolutely and unequivocally hate what the "Obama" group has done.

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