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Thread: Will Obama get a second term?

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    Re: Will Obama get a second term?

    Quote Originally Posted by DontDoIt View Post
    There was a big thread on it back in February on here, I couldn't find it, I'll look here in a minute, but there was reportedly around 500,000 jobs lost in February which "dropped out of the working force, and was considered no longer looking for work"

    The Employment Disappearing Act: Where Did 500,000 Jobs Go? - WhatTheyThink
    Unemployment Rate Drops to 9% (if you believe it) but 504,000 drop out of the labor force | Scotty Starnes's Blog
    January 2011 Unemployment Rate Drops Due to Labor Force Drop of 504,000, Not Due to People Finding Jobs | Grownup Economics
    Ok, I see now ... the 500,000 dropped from the labor force was for January, not February. Thanks for clarifying.

    Regardless, I factored those dropped from the labor force in the drop in unemployment. After factoring the drop from the labor force, unemployment still fell by more than half a million. That is why the unemployment rate has been dropping over the last few months.

    Looking at January alone:

    Unemployment fell by 622,000 ( unemployment level)
    Not Labor force increased by 319,000 ( not in labor force)

    Net was a decrease in unemployment of 303,000 -- this led to a decrease in the unemployment rate of 0.4 percentage points to 9.0%.

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    Re: Will Obama get a second term?

    If Bush can do it in 04
    Obama will make it a breeze.
    But remember we really dont "elect" the President...

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