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Thread: Constitutionality of the Libyan intervention

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    Re: Constitutionality of the Libyan intervention

    So, according to that logic, if multiple presidents do something unconstitutional, it suddenly becomes constitutional.

    That's the equivalent of saying if multiple people break the same law, then suddenly it becomes legal.
    Actions taken by the executive or legislative branches are considered constitutional until the Supreme Court specifically rules they aren't because none of the powers involved have the authority to decide constitutional issues.

    I would describe the action as "de facto" constitutional because even if it is inconsistent with the prescriptions of the U.S. Constitution it has become such a standard part of government that altering now seems ridiculous.
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    Re: Constitutionality of the Libyan intervention

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Invisible View Post
    If the resolution is for the UN, but not the US, then President Obama needs Congressional approval to carry out his intervention as he is currently violating the War Powers Resolution.
    I think it's for the Supreme Court to figure out, frankly. And I really think they should tackle it. In my little mind, when the Resolution says they support the UN Security Council taking action, they automatically gives the President the power to act. Upshot: Congress is stupid.
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    Re: Constitutionality of the Libyan intervention

    Quote Originally Posted by MaggieD View Post
    The President had a Senate Resolution to act. Passed unanimously.

    When the Senate supported the U.N. going forward, that gave the President the authority he needed.

    2chambers - Senate passes Libya resolution
    I don't think the president needs congressional approval for his actions regarding Libya, but that's a nonbinding resolution

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