An IRC channel has been played around with before. We have very few members who try to get others to hop on when they're online, and we also had an announcement concerning the last State of the Union Address where DPers could watch together and discuss it in real-time.

Since then, it's been pretty under-utilized. Few people come on the channel anymore and if they do nobody else is there, which keeps it pretty barren.

So I'm wondering what the rest of the forum thinks about having a dedicated IRC channel and if we should plan events using it. For example, whenever a politician is having a scheduled speech the moderation team can make an announcement to let the forum members know and when the time comes whoever wishes to join in hops onto the channel.

If this takes off, we can then maybe schedule other events, such as IRC debates. It may also get more members to lurk on IRC when a disaster happens so people can talk on there instead of constantly posting to a thread.

So what does everybody think of this? Would you start using IRC more if more events were planned based on it? If not, do you still support IRC events?

If anyone would like to see what it's like, President Obama is going to have a speech on the situation in Libya at 7:30pm Eastern. Anyone is free to hop on if they plan on watching it and would like to discuss it as it happens.

Here's the information for the IRC server and channel:
channel: #dp

(poll forthcoming, please be patient.)