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Thread: Moral Dilemma Poll

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    Re: Moral Dilemma Poll

    I'm not going to advise you to join or not. I will say this. I work with a lot of ex-military guys. I find them to be the most punctual, ambitious, respectful and responsive clients and/or employees.

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    Re: Moral Dilemma Poll

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Invisible View Post
    Hey everyone! I came here to ask for some moral advice.

    Ever since I was 16 I've wanted to be a US Marine rifleman. However, my critiques of the US government and writing (Yes, I did write that) on war do no go together. I realize the irony and hypocrisy that would occur if I did join up.

    The only good thing that would happen if I did not join up is that I want to get a job at the Department of Defense and rise in standing from there to try and make sure that if the US does go to war, it is to defend the US or its allies, not corporate interests or have wars based on lies and deceit.

    So I wanted to know if any of you had any advice for me as to what I should do, it would be much appreciated.


    Mr. Invisible
    If you do decide to join, it's very important that any unsure feelings or preconceived notions are left outside the door where you sign up. If you join, be prepared to cooperate and do your best. I don't think it's reasonable to join a volunteer military unless you intend to loyally perform as they need, where they need it. Most likely you will not ever be able to change anything except on the smallest scale, like most of us. You may be changed by the experience, but that's not a given, and shouldn't necessarily be expected. Sleep on this decision for as long as possible.
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