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Thread: Ode to America

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    Ode to America

    This is a poem I wrote, and I didn't know where I should put it on the forum's. Let me know what you think, and please, don't steal it. Had that happen before with my literary work's, wasn't to happy, anyways, I hope you enjoy:

    Ode to America

    Shall we return from whence we came?

    Or shall we stay here and repeat more of the same?

    Shall we sit in the back and marvel at others fame?

    Or shall we commit acts that leave their achievements tame?

    What have we become, the prodigal child laid low?

    Our might torn asunder, and little of our former glory in tow?

    We are little more than a hearth of indecency and sloth,

    When once we were home to innovators and clean men of the cloth.

    But I know one thing:

    What we once were, we can be again,

    And all the Heaven's will sing:

    There lie minds of true thought, and lands of good men!

    -J.T. Jefferson

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    Re: Ode to America

    I am not much of poetry reader... but I think it's easy to understand and it reflects the times and the feeling that a lot of people may relate to, so I'd say it's good work

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