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Absolutely. I would love to see more encouragement given for walking, riding a bike, or using public transportation. These things should be encouraged as much as possible. There are many cities that have good transportation systems. I know because I lived in many of them, including pretty much the entire island of Oahu, almost the entire Puget Sound area, and San Diego. Others can be easily navigated if people would stop being so impatient and/or lazy and just walk to the place they want to go when it is within a mile or two and they aren't planning on getting anything that would be unmanageable to bring home when walking. I know people who will drive their car a block down the road for a movie or to pick up a couple of groceries.

I would also like to see measures taken to prevent communities and HOAs from denying people the right to be environmentally friendly even if it might cause aestetic displeasement to others, such as drying clothes outside.

Clotheslines a hang-up for some communities - USATODAY.com
I just hung a load of my dainties this morning.....but the neighbors can't see it because we have 6' block fences. Over in Sun City, no fences at all, and hanging clothes outside is forbidden. Some have screened porches, tho, and it is the warm air that does the trick, not the sunlight.