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Thread: Challenge To DP Members

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    Re: Challenge To DP Members

    Quote Originally Posted by TacticalEvilDan View Post
    If you're not going to vote on the poll or contribute to the discussion, why are you even in this thread at all?
    Make little boys like you ask questions.


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    Re: Challenge To DP Members

    Quote Originally Posted by Kal'Stang View Post
    Not necessarily trolling...though that would certainly be nice. More along the lines of trying to end partisanship. I think that if people approach an issue without thinking along party lines an issue can be ultimately resolved. Sure might still take a good long while to accomplish..but maybe a bit less time since there won't be as much hate.
    Well, I don't belong to an official party to have party lines to talk down, but I am an unapologetic partisan of the conservative way of thinking. IMO, both the right and the left are wrong because they are both arms of the same government who is over-reaching. Anything I can do to help the government trip over itself with Repub-v-Dem in-fighting while it reaches to take more personal liberties unjustly can only be a good thing.

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