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Thread: Is Obama "more like Reagan than he is like anyone else"?

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    Re: Is Obama "more like Reagan than he is like anyone else"?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post
    Reagan pushed for across the board tax CUTS to the CURRENT rate at the time, and to my knowledge did not himself push for tax raises or fines in other areas of income. Obama did pushed for tax EXTENTIONS of the current rates for some people and not for others. He also pushed for increased taxes and fines in various other areas other than income.

    Reagan's "stimulus" spending was primarily focused towards military spending first and foremost as a stated intent to better defend against outside threats with the hopeful side effect to help the economy, and his stimulus didn't have the government buying out private businesses. Obama's "stimulus" spending was primarily focused on "getting the economy going" with the hopeful side effect to improve infastructure and did have the government buying out private business.
    Actually, Obama pushed for, and got tax cuts as part of the stimulus bill. Obama's tax cuts had a focus on particular people, but so did Reagan's(though admittedly different people in some cases).

    Reagan's stimulus was geared towards military spending, but make no mistake about it, it was stimulus. Pouring more money into the military now is not going to do much for the military, so he went for another area that could use some spending. In other words, both put the spending where it was needed most and did it, in part, to stimulate growth.

    "Obama and Hitler both pushed for nationalized health care". Look, my statement is as accurate as your redress.
    A point I have made in the comparison to Hitler or Nazi germany was that yes, there are legitimate comparisons. They are also in that case emotionally charged, but you can make comparisons. The fact they are uncomfortable does not make them less accurate. The purpose is also different. Those threads where to demonize those they disagreed with, while this one is simply to point out that Obama is not so bad, and Reagan not so far conservative.

    The poll question asked if Obama is more like reagan than anyone else. Your post seemed to suggest an agreement with this notion. Yet every broad point you stated about reagan could apply to Bush and Obama, however even MORE similarities could be made in that case.
    Nor did I include other similarities with Reagan. I am not saying that it is an absolute, I am saying the case could be made.

    Sure, are there broad similarities between Reagan and Obama? Sure. And Obama and Bush. And Clinton adn Bush. And Reagan and Clinton. And all of them and Hitler. Same goes for a specific similarity here and there. But they are not comparable in any sincere, legitimate, substantial way.
    And I disagree. Reagan and Obama had very similar strategies to battle a recession. To me that is a very sincere, legitimate and substantial similarity.

    Ah, so emotional response to try and get people to shun Reagan instead...doens't really change. You're using a broad and disingenuous comparison to attempt to imply something that's not true in hopes of tieing the two together to make people react based on that tie.

    You're not diffrent than the Obama/Hitler crowd in this.
    It's not emotional, it is simply showing that the person most admired by conservatives is simply not as conservative is they might want to think. In fact, as far as looking for emotion, I was not the one who brought Hitler into this thread. Now that is an appeal to emotion.
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    Re: Is Obama "more like Reagan than he is like anyone else"?

    There are a ton of similarities between Reagan and Obama. They are both used charisma and pithy sayings to get into office instead of actual substantial messages. They both did things that ran counter to the expectations and claims they made (Reagan increased government, held back-room deals with the enemy, allowed a major attack against Americans wihtout any real retaliation despite his cowboy rhetoric, etc, while Obama has embraced a lot of Bush's old policies).

    I see them as very similar.
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    Re: Is Obama "more like Reagan than he is like anyone else"?

    If Obama like any Ronald the last name is McDonald.

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