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I know what's in my best interest better than the government ever could. If anything, I think the government would quite readily screw me over if it thought that was in it's own best interest.
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Don't you understand how foolish this sounds? You've basically put yourself in between a rock and a hard place. You're either claiming that A) You're smarter than a collection of the most intelligent and cunning people in your nation, working full-time for the betterment of your entire nation which you are a part of (and in doing so you commit the fallacy of arrogance) or B) You intend to do what's best for yourself regardless of how if affects other people (and in doing so blatantly disregard the laws ans social norms of your nation for brutish self-interest).

So, if you are smarter than the entirety of the US government, and believe you know how to improve life for your nation better than they do, you should run for office, and get taken down a notch.

Or, if you chose the other path, and intend to claim that everyone else isn't your problem, and all you want is to help yourself, you should leave the US and go to a Third World nation where the government won't bother you because they really ARE too incompetent to solve anything.

The choice is yours.
Or he could simply mean that he knows whats better for himself than what someone 100+ miles away that has never even met him does. And since they don't know him they could easily screw him over.

How is that so hard to understand?

Politicians like to make law on statistics. (namely statistic that come from popularity polls imo, you know the kind..the ones that say Person X is more popular than Person Y.) The thing about statistics is that they are NEVER EVER 100%. That is bound to mean that someone somewhere is going to get screwed by thier policy making.