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Thread: Manufacturing jobs - Read post before voting!

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    Re: Manufacturing jobs - Read post before voting!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kal'Stang View Post
    Need your opinion on this idea. Hopefully it would bring more manufacturing jobs back into the US.

    It is well known that the federal government gives subsidies and grants to corporations for researching various forms of technology. Then once those corporations discover something useful it is often sent across the border or over seas to manufacturing plants to produce en masse. (not saying all of em do...just a good majority). So here is my proposal.

    Make a law/rule/regulation...whatever you want to call it...that states that any corporation or organization that uses any form of government assistence would be required to manufacture any and all types of products that was discovered with said assistance inside US borders for X amount of years. (at least 20 imo)

    So what do you think? Feel free to give suggestions that would expand on this idea.
    Corporate welfare is not a legitimate government function. Instead of subsidies and grants, we need to allow maximum opportunities for everybody to do things for themselves. That is the foundation of America.

    How do we do this?

    First, we must have a simple, fair tax structure and low tax rates.

    Second, we must minimize regulations and mandates. Most of these, especially the ones of the last 30 years are unnecessary and counterproductive. Repeal them.

    Third, the most important things government can do to promote industry and development are basically to leave things alone and get out of the way. This applies to all levels--federal, state and local.

    Tariffs and embargoes are counterproductive. Don't.

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    Re: Manufacturing jobs - Read post before voting!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kal'Stang View Post
    They produce wealth on an individual/company basis. They do not create wealth on a national level.

    Edit note: please note the difference between "produce wealth" and "create wealth".
    But individuals and companies make up a nation. I don't understand this distinction you're making.

    Actually I do, but I'm of the opinion that it's an utterly unimportant differentiation.

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