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Thread: Are politicians unintelligent?

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    Re: Are politicians unintelligent?

    Quote Originally Posted by Apocalypse View Post
    Yes but one of them was Ben Franklin, he has invented the lightning rod, which is still used all around the world to this day.
    What did your currently existing politician invent?
    Many, if not a majority or vast majority, of politicians in congress, throughout our history, were lawyers. Well, one Senator I studied was one hell of an expert in welfare and social security policy for decades before creating and modifying legislation for the entire welfare state in addition to igniting the debate on the issue-even to this day. As he noticed in 1965, professionalization of reform dictates that your professionals become instrumental in becoming experts in a field, but use their influence as an outsider to elected office. Think of the nuclear theorists and other scientists who became instrumental in significantly affecting the political opinions of the public with regard to nuclear weapons and its impact on foreign policy.
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    Re: Are politicians unintelligent?

    They are smart enough to get power but not smart enough to solve anything.

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