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Thread: The JFK poll

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    Re: The JFK poll

    Quote Originally Posted by Hatuey View Post
    Or forced. Whatever suits the revisionists I guess.
    Those who sought these shores need assimilate and learn the language for their own self interest. Those forced here through slavery... their descendents are always free to leave. Nothing is holding them back from moving freely to another destination of their liking.

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    Re: The JFK poll

    Quote Originally Posted by Albert Di Salvo View Post
    Not any more. Assimilation died at the hands of the American left. Assimilation was replaced by multi-culturalism. Multi-culturalism means the death of American unity. It is what it is. The past can't be restored.
    Or at most it is the message of tolerance with a sense of American purpose, which is worthy of support. The other half of multiculturalism is an academic exercise of relativism set loose in the world of politics. I support a merge of multiculturalism with assimilation, with a stressing on assimilation. I do not encourage the tribalist mentality of multiculturalists who believe it is a pervasive mentality that needs to meet social justice criteria in which it must completely reshape the United States.
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    Re: The JFK poll

    Quote Originally Posted by Dutch View Post
    We were always multi-racial. There was a time when immigrants were expected to assimilate.
    Not exactly....Italian, Swedish, Irish communities were very prevelant even until the 1950's. Sure they assimilated some but they also wanted to keep their heritage as well.
    People like you just like to see selective outrage.
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