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Thread: French police avoid near lynching by muslim youth, flee"muslim"zone.DRM Ireland

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    Re: French police avoid near lynching by muslim youth, flee"muslim"zone.DRM Ireland

    Quote Originally Posted by Jetboogieman View Post
    I ask everyone this who brings up a thread like this.

    Is Islam a problem for the West?

    If so:

    Whats your solution to the problem?

    Mass Deportation?
    And I answered you but got no reply:
    Quote Originally Posted by me
    Yes I do feel they are a threat, if not to the existence of Western countries, but to the quality of life and character of them.
    Evidence enough in the OP alone.
    In that regard, I agree with what countries like, but not limited to, Denmark have done in restricting immigration and the terms on it.

    MY TURN:

    Am I to take it you are now conceding (contrary to your emptily hostile first reply) these Muslim immigrants do commit an inordinate amount of crime (much of it Thematic to their religion) and consume an inordinate amount of welfare spending too.
    OR... do you still deny the obvious from Birmingham to Brussels?

    Because if you are not conceding the point you first denied.. I'd be glad to fill several pages here documenting it.
    ie, the OP was Just partial of a few of my posts on Sweden/Malmo alone from a closed string.
    Additionally, I would indeed consider deportation on a case-by-case basis. It might be very sobering.

    In the case of Mexican illegals in the USA, I would consider broader measures of deportation because they are indeed illegal.
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    I'm personally sick of not being able to dunk a basketball because of racism.

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    Very Liberal

    Re: French police avoid near lynching by muslim youth, flee"muslim"zone.DRM Ireland

    There isn't a single place in all of Western Europe where Shari'a Law can supercede or even level with a European government's law. As for having slums in which crime is rampant and the police are endangered, I should hope that you don't think this a purely Muslim-immigrant phenomenon. In fact, I can guarantee you, with the absolute certainty of supporting evidence, that the Muslim "No-Go Zones" are far less dangerous than the numerous black ghettos in America (South Central LA comes to mind), or the veritably Mexican districts of the South Western US, where more police and civilians are killed per week or even day than the entire yearly statistics for, say, Paris's slums.

    So, stop being a fear monger, and do attempt to understand the information given to you in a broader context, so you don't look like a fool again.

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