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I once read an article about this. I believe that I had followed the link from on of the threads here at DP. Unfortenately I cannot remember the thread or the name of the article or even what news company the article was from. If I had known that it would be such a big deal perhaps I would have bothered to memorize it. Oh well, tis life.


Yes the images that you see are blurred on purpose. They have admitted that yes they can get clear and detailed pictures with this technology. However they blur the images on purpose for two reasons (that I can remember). One was on the off chance that someone managed to get a picture off of the system and tried to post it on some internet site. Second reason was to preserve some sense of immediate privacy for the individuals having to go through the body scanners. In this way a persons privacy is safeguarded.
As an ugly older guy, neither the scanners or the grope bother me much. I feel sorry for anyone who has to look at this sad old body naked (Thank God my wife is tolerant), & as long as they do not get rough or crude the feel up should not be much worse than going to the doctor.

I can however see how a lot of other people might feel differently & I respect their concerns. What bothers me most is this does not seem like it will really gain much security wise.

With the advances in computer technology in the last decade I do not see why the scanners cannot be reprogrammed to only show foreign objects which should eliminate all privacy concerns.
Then this device could just replace the metal detectors & we would no longer have to remove our belt buckles & lose change.

Either way these machines will not detect implanted devices that I have read are being deployed by some terror cells.
That is why studying successful programs like what the Israelis use is still important.

The medical issues are pretty much a red herring, if I remember my nuclear effects training correctly. The frequency used will not even penetrate the dead layer of our skin.
The fact it reflects back is how the machine produces the images that it does.