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Thread: If America Was a Company......

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    Re: If America Was a Company......

    Quote Originally Posted by friday View Post
    Any real US company that had to borrow a trillion dollars a year to stay in operation would be listed somewhere on Pinksheets with a price somewhere between a tenth of a penny and a tenth of a tenth of a penny. Any US company that printed money in order to buy its own debt because its foreign debtors no longer would, would not only quickly be shut down by US regulators but would have the CEO in jail.

    Any bank that had TARP assets as half of its balance sheet would be shut down by federal regulators. Yet, the Federal Reserve has TARP assets as half of its balance sheet and is the most profitable bank in the country. Figure that one out.
    OK. But the federal government is NOT a corporation.

    Somewhere between "a corporation that acted like the government would fail" and "the government should behave more like a corporation," there's a logical disconnect in this argument.
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    Re: If America Was a Company......

    In fact, I'd like to know how many of you out there would buy the stock of a company whose CEO only had two years of experience and that was with a national company as junior middle management.
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