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Thread: Is gerrymandering wrong?

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    Re: Is gerrymandering wrong?

    Quote Originally Posted by digsbe View Post
    Do you think this is right? Should Gerrymandering be outlawed? Or is it part of the natural political process?
    It should be illegal. If a person's vote is anonymous then so should their political preference or alignment or anything else that politicians can use to try to redistrict in their favor.
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    Re: Is gerrymandering wrong?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Mark View Post
    Personally, I would say "Yes".

    IF some kind of impartial method for deciding districts could be used, it would be best.

    Perhaps a grid?
    I think it shouldn't be too hard to make a computer program that can draw up the districts. You just feed in the population of every precinct, give the program a few basic rules (e.g. districts should be contiguous, should be as square as possible, etc) and let it do its thing.
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