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Thread: Loyalty or Honour?

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    Re: Loyalty or Honour?

    Quote Originally Posted by Le Marteau View Post
    Hey all,

    I understand that we all have differing ideas of what "honour" and "loyalty" mean and represent -- so, I suppose I should say, given those definitions, which do you choose? Or, even better, of those two concepts (because honour and loyalty are really just meaningless titles), which do you choose?

    Furthermore, I agree, they can often overlap. But when the overlap ends, which do you choose?

    To answer one post in specific, I think that there are, of course, situations in which loyalty can be good for the person you're loyal to, and bad for the person you're loyal to. I don't think anyone here is so blind as to think these terms are absolutes. But the example that one person posted, about a friend who needed a drug intervention -- come on. That's an easy one. That's too every-day, that's too forced. I'm talking about the rarity situations where you're forced to choose between the two terms -- a brother kills a man, and you agree that it was a just action, but it was also in cold blood, do you help him? Such situations, I find, are much harder to deal with.

    However, to use another example, I admit that, were I to find bodies in our garage, I wouldn't report it to the police -- I'd help my wife get rid of them. But, also, if she were a drug addict, I'd not hesitate in getting her help, as opposed to "being loyal" and feeding her addiction. It's a gray line, of course, and it's blurry -- and perhaps it's not even a straight line. But I'm merely asking, in those situations that are really on the line, on the fence -- which concept, which trait, do you 'believe in' more?

    Your scenario is a little far out , but did jog my memory as to a situation I once encountered.

    Without specifics I was once abandoned by a few after things got a little out of hand over some long running corporate personel moves and related resentments. I took the bullet after losing my temper once, and things went downhill for awhile after that.

    The question I often raised was This: I would not have acted like they did , or at least would have maintained some discreet contact. Pay Phones if necessary. Wee Hour visits perhaps.I would have done such for anyone who might have blown it regardless of other factors. This includes Alcohol, substance abuse, Gambling , Embezzling, Sexual addiction or a combination of them all. If You were my Friend over a decade or more I don''t walk away , but I found out that some do.

    On the other hand IF someone finds out their Friendly Coworker is John Wayne Gacey or the Green River Killer - Then Walking Away totally is justified. I think that should clarify things.
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    Re: Loyalty or Honour?

    I'm bumping this so more people can vote.

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