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Thread: Do you Support the Teacher's Union

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    Re: Do you Support the Teacher's Union

    Quote Originally Posted by samsmart View Post
    Or every industry should be unionized. Either way.
    Yes, because we all know that private sector employees are equal to government employees. Government employees are supposed to be servants of the people, but a union allows them to hold a gun to the people's head if they don't like the wages and benefits provided to them from the taxpayers.

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    Re: Do you Support the Teacher's Union

    Quote Originally Posted by Kandahar View Post
    They're two sides of the same coin. Unions ARE a big business. And in the case of public sector unions, there isn't even another "invading force" pushing back on them. Government bureaucrats, unlike for-profit businesses, don't give a damn if the union demands too much.
    Well, I think this just about ends the thread.

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