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Thread: Was the fire department right or wrong?

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    Re: Was the fire department right or wrong?

    Lots of cold hearted folks voted right
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    Re: Was the fire department right or wrong?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kali View Post
    Lots of cold hearted folks voted right
    Is this a personal attack against 27 (as of now) posters on this forum?
    I think so!
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    Re: Was the fire department right or wrong?

    Quote Originally Posted by theangryamerican View Post
    They were completely in the right for the exact reasons I laid out in the actual thread about this story.

    ...and so far, the only opposition I have seen comes from people who aren't bothering to read the facts.
    OK, I read that someone ordered the firefighters not to put out fires in places where the owners hadn't paid some local fee. Technically the decision to stand and watch is right but on every other standpoint this is just indefensible.

    I will accept that I am not familiar with the US system of public services and the "every man for himself" culture that seems prevalent but I have to accept that this case was in America. No UK firefighters over here would allow themselves to be put into such a position, no local populace would allow a fire chief to run such a policy. The only way I could agree the "technical" view of this would be if the firefighters were a totally private company hired to very protect specific private property and the fire was not on the private property.

    Are there any details on this story in any major news webistes so I can get more details?

    At the very least, if these guys were employed by a private company then phone for some real firefighters to come and do the job. Don't stand and watch any property burn to the ground.

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