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Thank you for the responding and giving a well thought out explanation.

I agree and disagree. Almost anything that makes a smaller government is a good thing. Its the issue of HOW do we pay for what needs to be paid.

#1) I agree that there are to many groups not paying what they should. This includes businesses that get money from the government when they don't need it. Exxon, Monsanto (EVIL), and the whole bank bail out. While a consumption tax may help avoid this you create a black market issue. You may have some consumer protection issues too.

#2) I would love to downsize the IRS. Question: Don't they just shift from looking at personal income to monitoring businesses.

#3) Agreed. We also need to do massive finance reform.

#4) Agreed.

There is an issue though. You hurt the sale of goods and services by doing this. Our economy needs to spend to keep rolling. We have few manufacturing jobs left.

Its also a regressive tax. That first tax bracket for everyone would at least double. It hurts those who can barely pay the bills they have today. You cant get blood from a rock. If you want cut spending I am 100% behind you. Its just how do you fairly divide the bills. I'm not sure the group that has 20% of the population and 3% of the income can survive a 20% consumption tax.

Again, thank you for answering.
If I had no income taxes to pay that means I would have at least 30% more income and once you factor out the income tax costs inherent in goods that sales tax probably would mean that the cost of the good would be about the same.

The main reason for supporting it is to castrate congressional power and to enhance freedom which it clearly would