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Thread: Did God Create Perfection?

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    Re: Did God Create Perfection?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kali View Post
    Since nobody can prove that God exsist? I would have to say no.

    I would also like to say that Real Perfection does not exist either
    I would suggest that you spend sometime reading the accounts of people who like myself that have had a near death expeiriences, and people who have been visited byafimily members who have past on to learn why people have faith in something we can't explain see or touch.

    I have interviewed a lot of people who have experienced the paranormal in my years as a reporter and Talk Show Host and I assure you there is something out there. What form it ultimately takes I have no clue.

    I look at it like this. I have a saying about being prepared for what may come and it's this. "It's better have more than you need than to need more than you have."

    God and faith should be treated the same way. It costs us nothing to be respectful of others and be a good person and we can benefit from it in generally.

    Just a thought.

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    Re: Did God Create Perfection?

    Oh I do think there are others "out there". I am on thinking there are many godheads, goddess, etc.

    BTW, some of my realitives have had near death expeiriences, saw white light and was told by dead realitives to come back. They think it really happened and I take em at their word on that issue.
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    Re: Did God Create Perfection?

    Near Death experiences are interesting. However, using it as proof for your religious beliefs is foolish. Sure some Christians have died and went to "Heaven" only to come back to life but the same thing can be said for every major religion. You'll find Muslims who have passed and gone to heaven only to return alive. When you die a large amount of DMT is released in your brain, DMT is also used in the process of dreaming. I think Near Death experiences are simply just extremely detailed dreams.
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